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January 18, 2011 at 11:05 pm | Posted in DIY, OOTD | 10 Comments
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Hey, how are you guys doing?
I’m just here to update you with some pictures i took this week and, of course, show you my outfits. In the end of the post there is a DIY, don’t forget to check this out!

I wore both of them to go out with some friends! And wow, I had a great time there.

What I wore: DIY Denim shorts from Levi’s; Laced biker shorts from Renner; Black basic shirt from Pernambucanas; Leather studded boots from Armazém das Fábricas.

p.s.: Thanks to my friend Teddy for the pictures!

As you can notice (can you? lol) I painted my hair again and i’m almost completly happy about it! In the following pictures (the first and second one) my hair is EXACTLY the color I want! *-*

What I wore: DIY black and white tights; Dharma Initiative shirt bought on Rock Galery; Oxford shoes from Vermon; Geek glasses from BleuDame.


I’ve always wanted to have these tights, but as i couldn’t find them around, I improvised. A huge thanks to Manuela!

One thing about the tights: be prepared if you wear them, because a lot of people will think this is weird and they are going to stare at you in an weird way. I don’t care about that, but there is a lot of people that do, so here is my advice. But the biggest advice is: if you are confortable with what you are wearing, be happy and try not to care about what other people may think about it!

Have a nice day, you all!

Xoxo, MANDY.



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  1. oh! obrigada, as minhas fotos são lindas e ótimamente tiradas mesmo! hahaha

    • A modelo ajuda muito né! HAHAHA -not.

      • aliás, a meia, o biker shorts e oxford são umas coisas lindas! hehe
        e a cor do cabelo ficou linda nas fotos!
        beejo! ;)

      • O oxford é um mimo, neam? haha.
        Depois que eu lavei depois de pintar ficou beeem melhor. To quase completamente feliz com ele! hehe.

  2. The second outfit is very cool, I love the combination of mismatched tights with a casual top (and of course, those shoes!) The colors also worked really well, I think.

  3. me dá seu cabelo?

  4. Adorei os DIYs! E vc ficou belíssima com essa cor de cabelo tb. =)

    Beijo, Mandy.

    • Ahn, obrigada Jenny! :}

  5. the skirt is a burnt orange tights are purply navy blue and ideas on what colour shoes boots to wear with it?

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