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Hey guys! How are you doing?
I’m sorry about the lack of posts in the past two weeks but, once again, I’ve been busy. It’s not just an excuse, I’ve been studing too much since now my academic running finally started. This sunday is my first valuation, and if I pass, I’m going to the next level (and the worst). I have to prepare myself so I won’t have any surprises.
Anyway, I have some pictures of my travel that I didn’t post, outfits pictures. i’m just gonna post here and share my last last weekend’s adventure, haha.

What I wore: Flower printed dress, Renner; Straped wedge, got on e-bay; Accs, miscellaneous.

What I wore: Heart tights, Lupo; Laced biker shorts, Renner; Salmon blouse, Seiki; Straped wedge, got on e-bay; Accs, miscellaneous.

Farmstead and halloween.

November first and second was hollydays here, so my friend and I got some meat to make a barbecue and went to Heitor’s farmstead. It was really lots of fun! So much fun that I forgot to take more pictures, haha.

Halloween night, party… It was good, but wasn’t thaaat great. The good part was the nice people we met. :}

What I wore: Higt waisted black pants, Havan; Laced bodysuit, vintage; Red velvet blazer, vintage (It used to be my mother’s), Accs, miscellaneous.

I promise that, after this weekend, I’ll post more regullary. Not as much as I expect, but more than I am posting right now. I still have to show you guys some things my dad brought me from the USA two weeks ago. I cannot forget!
Anyway, this weekend I’ll be out for my first valuation, wish me luck!

Xoxo, MANDY.



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  1. Que linda! Poxa, to babando nessa sua wedge! E boa sorte nas provas :) Beijo!

    • Obrigada flor! *-*

  2. hi I was fortunate to search your blog in bing
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    • Ohh, thank you! :D
      You can find on wordpress, it’s a free layout (the banner i did it myself).

  3. belas fotos, parabens!
    faça uma visita

  4. heeey! quanto tempo vc não posta! hehehe.

  5. Acho seu estilo muito fofo! E essa wedge é um arraso.


  6. Apaixonei tanto na sua wedge que coloquei a foto no meu post sobre wedges, com o devido link :) Bjão

    • Ahww, que lindo! Obrigada flor :D

  7. Meninaaa, essa sua wedge é um arraso, maravilhosa! Amei teu look todo, ta linda!
    Jaque e Gra

    • Ahnn, obrigada lindas! :}

  8. AMEI esse vestido da Renner, e a wedge então, nem se fala. Morro de medo de comprar no e-bay, mas daqui a pouco eu me rendo a ele, KKK

    Beijos, Luiza

    • Obrigada! Dá pra comprar no e-bay sussegado… só tome cuidade com as taxas. Já pense nisso antes de comprar, pra incluir no preço e ver se vale a pena. ^-^

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